This tool is intended as a scientific resource for research, and for research only. It is not intended to predict individual infant outcomes. Please note that these predictions are formulated based on data about a group of individuals, while actual care decisions are taken individually on a single patient and may involve other factors beyond the ones used by this predictor.


To obtain predictions, you must upload a .csv file using the form below.
Please respect the following rules to ensure that your file will not be rejected:

  • file size must NOT exceed 5 MB;
  • comma separation is mandatory (tabs, spaces and other separators are NOT allowed);
  • the file must NOT contain an index column;
  • header names must match exactly the ones displayed in the Header Name column (see table below), and must appear once (the order in which the columns are presented does not matter since they will be reordered afterwards, but be sure to match the header name with the corresponding values);
  • missing values are NOT allowed for required fields (see table below). If a field is not required, it can contain missing values, however be remineded that all missing values will be imputed by substituting them with the most frequent value in our training data;
  • possible values for each attribute are indicated in the Values column (see table below).
NOTE: all the data you provide to the system will not be stored in our servers in any form.


The following table displays the formatting rules:

Attribute Header Name Data Type Required Values
Birth Weight bwgt Floating point Yes Min.: 200.0, Max.: 4000.0
Gestational Age gaweeks Integer Yes Min. value: 21, Max. value: 40
Apgar Score (1m) ap1 Integer Yes Min. value: 0, Max. value: 10
Apgar Score (5m) ap5 Integer Yes Min. value: 0, Max. value: 10
Sex sex Integer No 0=Female, 1=Male
Mode of delivery vagdel Integer No 0=Caesarean, 1=Vaginal
Maternal Race race Integer No 1=Black, 2=Hispanic, 3=White, 4=Asian, 7=other
Prenatal Care pcare Integer No 0=No, 1=Yes
Multiple gestation mult Integer No 0=No, 1=Yes
Antenatal Steroids aster Integer No 0=No, 1=Yes
Chorioamnionitis chorio Integer No 0=No, 1=Yes
Maternal Hypertension mhypertens Integer No 0=No, 1=Yes


Here is an example of a correctly formatted file for reference:


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